The way we see it

Very few roles on a project team are critical with the exception of one: the Project Manager.  This person is wholly accountable –  and if picked incorrectly-  can make or break the project for a company.

A great one is known for their leadership skills, decisiveness, expertise, and stellar communications both one-on-one and in large groups. Our Project Managers are not only certified PMPs, but well versed in understanding the silos within a project team and are able to create value at the seams.

According to the Project Management Institute, most projects fail right at the beginning steps of a project kickoff, but don’t realize it until it’s too late: failure to define clear requirements.

We know Business Analysis- not just schedules and budgets. As a matter of fact, we’re certified in CMMI, Agile, COBIT, PMP, CSTP and experts in the entry and exit criteria of each of those roles.

We are always offering a 1 hour free consultation, bring your biggest problem and we’ll offer solutions within that hour- no kidding.